Freethought Today · Vol. 27 No. 7 September 2010

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Sharing the Crank Mail: September 2010

A sample of the crank mail, as always, printed like we got it:

GOD 1 – atheists 0
Atheists, you are ENEMIES OF GOD AND ARE GOING TO BE ANNIHILATED. Repent and turn to God or be destroyed. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE. my interpretation of the [Ohio Touchdown Jesus] STATUE FIRE: it symbolizes the SPIRITUAL DEATH of atheism. you mofos killed MICKEY MOUSE!!! the 9th and FINAL RING of Dante’s Inferno is designed for little blaspheming traitors like you, but at least FREE AIR CONDITIONING is included!
— davmab2004

We the public dont need losers like you to speak for us.We can speak for ourselves you idiots. I will practice religion or anything else i want anywhere i want anytime i want and there isnt a godamm thing you can do about it so fuck off you morons. Iwouldnt donate a penny to your loser outfit. AGAIN FUCK OFF. — richard thorpe, Wisconsin

Fuck yourself
I don’t need to tell you to go fuck yourself. you are already doing it. — Sue Ford

We don’t need your sneaky changes
You all have violated MY way of life and my culture. Our country has done very well with God in our schools and court houses, etc for hundreds of years. We don’t need your view, we don’t need your sneaky changes. What Tennessee needs if for you to get the hell out of Hawkins County. Just stay fucked up in Madison Wisconsin. — Jo Ann Fernstrom

Hawkins County TN Courthouse
GET A LIFE and GET OFF IT. You atheist communist groups are all alike! Stay in your little commune where ever you live and out of God’s country! If you don’t like it, move to Cuba, I hear they have great healthcare there, losers! — Richard Ellis

Hawkins County TN money
If you guys want to tell us how to or what to put into our courthouse that our tax dollars pay for then send us a couple of million dollars a year and we will listen to your crap about keeping seperate church and state and not putting up any of our statutes that you do not want us to put up. SO EITHER SEND US THE MONEY EACH YAER AS HUSH MONEY AND WE WILL THINK ABOUT KEEPING SUCH ARTICLES DOWN OFF OUR WALLS, OR SHUT THE HELL UP. — Harold Robinette Jr

Hawkins County Courthouse
If the people of Rogersville, Tennessee want to put up all those historical documents in their courthouse. I say let them. Stay in Wisconsin, and butt out of Tennessee affairs. The worst thing you can do is stir up a bunch of East Tennessee Hillbillies, because believe me, we fight back. — Randall Buffalo

You come down to hawkins county and fuss about the 10 commandment. Youre idiots. If more people lived by those commandments this would be a better world. so you dickheads keep your opinions to yourself. I dont care what you believe and you have no right to push your ideas on me or any one else. so fuck off!please respond i dare you! assholes — oliver margetin, Tennessee

Mother Teresa Stamp
I just learned your name today, Annie Laurie Gaylor. And I just need to tell you how sad it makes me to learn that you spend so much time and energy fighting against honoring Mother Teresa. Sooner or later God will let you know he’s real, even if he has to do it with a 2x4.
— Cristina Contreras

If the Muslims have their way we’ll be SHARIA COMPLIANT how’s that for your No RELIGION in Govt you’ll see .This Imam said he wants the U.S. more SHARIA compliant .My God is Jesus and I resent your damn billboards. I’m contacting the Mayor and if he doesn’t get these atrocious signs removed he will not get my vote next time around. You want people who can’t think! My mind says JESUS IS LORD GOD BLESS AMERICA ONE NATION UNDER GOD IN GOD I WILL TRUST AND DO AND GOD BLESS THE QUEEN SO THEIR I SAID IT THANK ME! — Janice Christian

At the Missoula County Fair they have a tradition of doing ‘community days’ on Sundays, with an open gate until noon, to beef up the crowd. Therefore there was no violation of civil rights!!!! You just cannot stand religion. You make me sick! You people are scum!! — Tom Smith

Hey saw you guys stopped the church from being in the fair.Jesus says you can serve only 1 master.Either you serve God or you serve satan. The problem with our Lame Country is they Devided church and state. And Allow ignorant people like you and others actually have an opinion..I would rather you find God by the way there is only 1 God,as i was saying id rather you find God,But if you dont id rather he wipes you off this earth so you do not destroy any more lives. — Support Israel

Continue doing this crap and i will make my citzen arrest warrant active for you and all your members. DO NOT PREACH YOUR CRAP..YOUR GROUP IS TIED TO TERRORIST GROUPS..LEAVE US ALONE — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

National Day of Prayer
this country was founded on God, the first admentmant freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the right to symbol, I took and oath in 1987 to support and defend the constitution againest all enemies forgion and domestiy and that’s what I’m going to do. forgive the spelling. — Jeff Adkins, Voice of Truth Ministry

I am a Wisconsin Native. In the 12 years I have been absent, I have seen the degredation of morality and thinking in Wisconsin. It has become a clone of the Northeastern seaboard and Western seaboard states, all centered around Madison. Fanatic left wing liberalism in the northern states and Ultra conservatism in the southern. Free thinkers is what your organization thinks of itself. It’s propaganda, just like the Nazi’s. Organizations such as yours have demonized certain groups, what is next start executing folks who give out religious literature? — Joe McPhail

freedom balls
You guys suck, your all a bunch of assholes, and you have no guts, no balls, no idea what the hell your doing, so when you grow some, tell me. — Johnny Waddsworth
wake up and go to church on sundays!
You should be ashmed of yourselves for the Chicgo CTA Bus Ads! God will enter into you when you least expect it and enter a spirit of Love to your soul. You will then realise this ridiculous website you made. Take it easy! — bob solis, Chicago

Hate “rearing its ugly head”
Your attack on the Ontario City Council for putting up “In God We Trust” in their chambers is not as surprising as it is pathetic. Its another part of prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes. Buy the way; you’re waisting your time on this one. You will lose — John Caprarelli

Send me a sample issue
you and your entire foundation are sick .thanks to jesus my entire family is the family everybody would like .i am glad i will not see you in heaven. — brad morgan

Pary in Hartville, Ohio
I have read in the local paper the Canton Repository about the law suit that your group is filing against the Town of Hartville because they start their Council meeting with a pary, also I follow how your atheists group want to have any pray or even ref to God stop. Well I have read the The First Amendment to the U.S. Constititution but since it seem you people either need to go back and get Educated more. By the way Freedom of Speech, your NUTTTTTTTTTTS — James Lebold, Ohio

Stay out of Hartville, Ohio! We don’t mess with you; you shouldn’t mess with us. Remember the revolutionary war? Also keep in mind that there is a little movement called the Tea Party and you do not want to cross them. If you persist, we will push for action to be taken against your organization. You can voice your opinion but do not force us to stop. — Scott J, scott4yout

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