Freethought Today · Vol. 26 No. 10 December 2009

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I must admit, I may not be as religious but I'm very spiritual, and I believe if there is a God, this is where he lives. He’s on the river, he’s in the mountains. This is what it’s all about.
Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski
National Public Radio, 10-20-09

The community is changing in certain ways I don’t approve of. I’ve looked at the changes in this town and nothing has pleased me more than voting for your congregation because I’m fed up with the godless heathens that are around.
Naples (Fla.) City Councilman Bill Willkomm, about FFRF complaint over a five-year lease of public park land to a church for Sunday services
Naples News, 11-4-09

It is the ultimate Grinch to suggest there is no God during a holiday where millions of people around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
Matthew Staver, Liberty University Law School dean
New York Times, 12-1-09

I like the way Staver blithely invokes a mythical character as he asserts that God is not a mythical character.
Ann Althouse, University of Wisconsin-Madison law professor, 12-2-09

I'm not religious, but it takes someone of superior morality to behave as he did.
Director Clint Eastwood, about Nelson Mandela, the subject of his new film, “Invictus”
Parade Magazine, 12-6-09

We are praying, believe me, my family is praying for the shooter’s family, praying for the shooter that God can renew his spirit. He had a bad day.
Christopher Royal, Army chief warrant officer, who was shot three times by Maj. Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood, Texas
New York Times, 11-15-09

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