Freethought Today ·

Vol. 21 No. 4

May 2004

Published by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc.

Gay Wedding on the Air

Dan Barker, a staff member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and former minister whose ordination is still valid, was invited to officiate at the wedding of Barb (left) and Molly (right), a lesbian couple. This was the first gay marriage Dan has officiated at. Making the ceremony even more ground-breaking was the fact that the happy event--complete with flowers, candles, rings, music, and an audience of supportive family and friends--was conducted live on WTDY radio (Madison, Wis). The secular April 14 event was billed as: "A lesbian wedding/civil protest, in the name of love."

Morning talk show host Lee Rayburn ("The Experience") turned his studio into a wedding chapel to challenge those working to deny marriage to same-sex couples. Gay marriage has become a major state/church issue, since most of the opposition to gay rights and gay marriage is church-led. "You right-wingers, why don't you come down here and protest love?" Rayburn said during the broadcast.

Same-sex marriages are not legal in Wisconsin (yet), so Molly and Barb did not have a license from the county. But that did not stop them from announcing to the world that they are a "loving couple." A festive reception, with wedding cake, followed the wedding at Barb and Molly's new home.

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