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By Philip Appleman

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God, Darwin and the Meaning of Life

By Philip Appleman

Have you wondered where we came from or whether there is a god? And if so, why there is so much evil and turmoil in the world? Have you pondered the notion of an afterlife? And what role it has in determining our behavior while alive?

Philip Appleman sagely and eloquently addresses these questions, putting them in the illuminating context of our evolutionary development and cultural history. Twenty-first century thinkers, reflecting on the long and horrendous history of religious wars and atrocities, are no longer willing to pay the traditional deference to religious authority, preferring instead to seek inside their own lives, thoughts, and action for the answers to life’s greatest questions. Appleman concludes that a life well lived, short as it is in the eons of our planet’s existence, is its own reward.

Hard Cover, 72 pages.

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