The Devil in Dover DISCONTINUED


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When the Dover, Pennsylvania, school board adopted a measure to require its ninth-grade biology students to learn about intelligent design, eleven parents sued, sparking a federal constitutional challenge – and a court case that made international headlines. Luckily for us, a brilliant local journalist named Lauir Lebo had a front- row seat from the story’s beginnings at local school board meetings to the federal court case over which a George W. Bush – appointed judge presided. The Devil in Dover is Lebo’s widely praised and “well-informed” (The New York Times) account of a perfect storm of religious intolerance, First Amendment violations, and an assault on American science education. Lebo skillfully investigates the background of the case and deftly explores one of America’s most divisive cultural conflicts – and the responsibilities journalists have when covering such a controversial story.

Paperback, 238 pages.

Freedom From Religion Foundation