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An Ex-Pastor’s Journey From Belief to Atheism – DISCONTINUED

By Jerry DeWitt, with Ethan Brown

Atheism’s leading lights have long been intellectuals raised in the secular and academic worlds: Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens. By contrast, Jerry DeWitt was born and bred into the church before arriving at atheism. Through an extraordinary dialogue with faith that spanned more than a quarter of a century Hope After Faith is his account of that journey.

DeWitt’s struggle for identity and meaning mirrors the one currently facing millions of people around the world. With one in five Americans now claim no religious affiliation, the moment has arrived for a new atheist voice.  A voice that is respectful of faith and religious traditions yet warmly embraces a life free of religion, finding not skepticism and cold doubt but rather profound meaning and hope.

Hardcover, 279 pages.

Freedom From Religion Foundation