Confused? Bible Contradictions


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Nontracts—the freethought answer to ubiquitous religious tracts. Brief but thorough, easy to read, 3 1/2 x 4 1/4-inch folded brochures address many common myths about freethought or religion. Twenty-nine biblical discrepancies, including:

  • Should we kill?
  • Should we tell lies?
  • Should we steal?
  • Shall we keep the sabbath?
  • Are we “saved” through works?
  • Should we own slaves?
  • Does God change his mind?
  • Are we punished for our parents sins?
  • Is God good or evil?
  • Was Jesus peaceable?
  • Was Jesus trustworthy?
  • Has anyone seen God?
  • Are we all sinners?
  • Shall we obey the law?
  • How many animals were on the ark?
  • Were women and men created equal?

$5 per 12-pack

$15 per 100-pack

Freedom From Religion Foundation