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This sweeping worldwide survey of Catholic power today is done by a meticulous scholar and researcher of the history, documents, official pronouncements and day-by-day actions of the Catholic Church. In Catholic Power Today, Avro Manhattan analyzes the motives behind churches gestures toward reunions with other churches – the meaning of ecumenical conferences and declarations. He cites the historical parallels… and the historical consequences. The author traces the global implications of Catholic power for medicine, politics, population control, space-age exploration, literature and the arts – for humanity itself. His colorful chapter headings reflect a range and intensity of his research. After reading this book the thoughtful reader, whether friend, foe, or objective observer of the Catholic Church, may never be quite the same again. By Avro Manhattan. HC with D/J, chipped. F/VG. 288 pages. Lyle Stuart: 1967.

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