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Beware of Dogma Music CD


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List of Tracks
1. Beware of Dogma by Dan Barker
2. Fleas by Philip Appleman
3. Salt Lake City Blues by Steve Benson, Steven Clark, Darren Leigh and Dan Barker
4. Why BSA by Steve Benson and Dan Barker
5. My God Is In My Soul by Michael Newdow
6. Old Time Religion by Pete Seeger
7. None of the Above by Dan Barker
8. Summers of Love by Philip Appleman and Dan Barker
9. Noah by Philip Appleman
10. Pack Up Your Sins and Go to the Devil in Hades by Irving Berlin
11. My Father’s House by Dan Barker
12. I Ain’t Afraid by Holly Near
13. Mark Twain’s War Prayer by Dan Barker and Mark Twain
14. With God On Our Side by Bob Dylan
15. God Bless -Less America by Steve Benson, Dan Barker, and Irving Berlin
16. Imagine by John Lennon

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