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I'm confused, because even if you think religion belongs in the classroom, rather than in your local church/mosque/synagogue/ashram/coven, do you really think hanging a sampler [In God We Trust] will convert the faithless? If you follow this logic, you'd have to believe that hanging E=MC2 from the wall amounts to the same thing as teaching physics. . . . There is a lesson here that fits neatly on a sampler: Don't Trust Anyone Who Tries To Tell You Whom To Trust.
--Mike Littwin
Rocky Mountain News, Feb. 27, 2003
Faith-based social services are the latest missile the Bush administration has fired at the wall between church and state.
--Adam Cohen
New York Times, March 9, 2003
For centuries our nation has referenced God as we have expressed our patriotism and national identity in our Declaration of Independence . . . [The Justice Department will] spare no effort to preserve the rights of all our citizens to pledge allegiance to the American flag.
--Attorney General John Ashcroft
Statement after 9th Circuit Court upheld 3-judge panel pledge decision
If the United States tries nation building, it's got to [have] at the very top of its agenda a separation of church and state. There has to be a secular state in there [Iraq] and not an Islamic state. . . . So it's going to be absolutely imperative to set up a constitution and safeguards that say we will maintain a secular state. . .
--Rev. Pat Robertson
"700 Club," March 17, 2003

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