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Appearances, Debates, Speeches and More

Freethought Today · Vol. 27 No. 5 June/July 2010

Published by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc.

Meet a Volunteer: Darrell Barker

sName: Darrell Denver Barker.
Where I live: Olympia, Wash.
Where and when I was born: Los Angeles, 1951.
Family: My wife, Suzan; father, Norman; children, Matthew and Brandy; brothers, Dan and Tom (and all their unique families). At the end of the day, it’s all about family!
Why I volunteer for FFRF: There are a lot of quality endeavors to involve oneself with, but to be a part of something with the national stature and importance of FFRF is most satisfying.
What I do as a volunteer: Administrator of the FFRF online forum, where I’m known as, now digest this: “Dude For Thought.”
What I like best about it: I like logging in every day in anticipation of reading all the interesting and creative members’ postings of ideas, concerns, activist stories, support and advice. I like that it’s absent of Christian diatribe. It’s kind of like a “sanctuary” for freethinkers.
Something funny on the forum: The “Heathen Humor” topic. For example, “Tasting Forbidden Fruit Leads to Many Jams” (posted by maiforpeace).
My day job is/was: I own and operate two businesses: Delata Homes Solutions LLC and Thumbs Up Shuttle LLC. I buy, rehab and sell houses (a “flipper”), and then offer my transportation service to take them to the airport if they need a ride there, too.
Education: Some college; too many business seminars and training courses to note or remember.
These three words sum me up: Inquisitive, inventive, indulgent.
My freethought heroes are: Paul Kurtz, Robert G. Ingersoll, Anne Nicol Gaylor, Annie Laurie Gaylor and her well-spoken husband — old what’s his name!
Things I like: Family, negotiating “win-win” business deals, money, my workshop (where I build Adirondack chairs), dogs and cats, solving difficult problems, the feeling of satisfaction in understanding how things work (and fixing and maintaining them), computers, books, sawdust, my Sears riding lawn mower, CNN, NPR, Freethought Radio, Skype, bills paid, beer, chili on a winter evening, Bill Maher, woodburning stoves, atheists and, and, and life, ad infinitum.
Things I smite: Coercion, Christianity and computers that crash.

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