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Freethought Today · Vol. 27 No. 2 March 2010

Published by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc.



Come celebrate with your fellow primates!
David Millett, invitation to San Francisco Atheists’ Evolutionpalooza on Feb. 12, Darwin Day, 2-8-10

The Earth’s thin shell was quaking and cracking millions of years before human sinners evolved, and it will still be wrenched and convulsed long after we are gone. These geological dislocations have no human-behavioral cause. The believers should relax; no educated person is going to ask their numerous gods “why” such disasters occur. A fault is not the same as a sin.
Christopher Hitchens, on the Haitian earthquake
Slate, 1-17-10

We have so much that needs to be done to elevate our kids in math and science, the focus of education should be right there.
Richard Ray, Tennessee Board of Education member, on new state guidelines allowing “nonsectarian, nonreligious academic study of the bible”
Associated Press, 2-1-10

What is different is that today’s atheists are not hiding behind other labels, such as agnosticism, in order to placate religious sensibilities. It is this lack of deference, more than anything else, that has outraged religious believers — particularly those on the right — in America. Most have confused their constitutional right to believe whatever they want with the idea that the beliefs themselves must be inherently worthy of respect.
Author Susan Jacoby
The Washington Post, 2-2-10

We are religious people. But we were offended when Mr. Freshwater burned a cross onto the arm of our child. . . . We are Christians who practice our faith where it belongs, at church and in our home and, most importantly, outside the public classroom, where the law requires a separation of church and state.
Jennifer Dennis, Mount Vernon, Ohio, whose son’s eighth-grade science teacher faces termination for proselytizing
New York Times, 1-19-10

They say there are no atheists in foxholes. But as we sat in those holes, praying that God would save us, I thought about the fact that the other side was doing the same thing. And then I wondered if God is just playing some kind of game with us. Pretty much I decided at that point there was no God.
Milton “Chris” Christian, 84, World War II veteran receiving a belated Bronze Star
Manchester (N.H.) Union Leader, 2-3-10

You took her from us, Matt, you discarded her like she was yesterday’s trash . . . and you left so many other victims. What you did was horrific, and I believe you are capable of much more evil. But love triumphs evil. Do you hear me, Matt? Love triumphs evil.
Linda Dulin, to Rev. Matt Baker after his conviction for the murder of Dulin’s daughter Kari Lynn, who was Baker’s wife
Associated Press, 1-21-10

There were plenty of times when Matt Baker could have been made to face consequences for his conduct. But instead, what Matt Baker learned in Baptistland was that he could get away with anything.
Blogger Christa Brown, 1-24-10

We know what caused the catastrophe in Haiti. It was the bumping and grinding of the Caribbean Plate rubbing up against the North American Plate: a force of nature, sin-free and indifferent to sin, unpremeditated, unmotivated, supremely unconcerned with human affairs or human misery.
Richard Dawkins, “Haiti and the hypocrisy of Christian theology”
The Washington Post, 1-25-10

You have to blog every day. And he’s an 80-something-year-old guy, so maybe he’s not always going to want to blog. He should have some favorite YouTube videos that he can just slap up there when he’s feeling kind of tired. Like the parade scene from Ferris Bueller. Slap that up there and that’s a day’s blogging.
Elizabeth Scalia, “Blog Tips for Pope”
National Public Radio, 1-27-10

Leave it to Rick Perry to turn a day about the Lord into a day about Rick Perry.
Jennifer Baker, spokesman for Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who’s running in the GOP primary against incumbent Perry for Texas governor
Dallas Morning News, 1-11-10

Jeff and Marci [Beagley] knew in the weeks and months prior to Neil’s death that he was sicker than they’d ever seen him. To that they testified. There was no doubt in their minds. Right up until he died, though, they let God do the doctoring. And God pulled the plug on their son.
Shelly Strom, a freelance journalist covering the negligent homicide trial of Oregon faith-healing parents, 1-31-10

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