January 29th, 2024 — FFRF to Co-Sponsor Thomas Paine Birthday Celebration (Virtual)

a gentleman costumed to look like Thomas Paine

FFRF will be co sponsoring an annual event to recognize and celebrate Thomas Paine’s birthday on January 29th. The theme for the 2024 event is “The Anti-Slavery Efforts of Thomas Paine.” The event starts at 4:00 PM EDT or 7:00 PM EDT, and is a virtual event. Pre-registration for Paine’s birthday celebration is required. The event registration link can be found by clicking here. Sponsors of the 2024 event are the Secular Coalition for America, Black Nonbelievers, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Center for Inquiry, the Thomas Paine Memorial Association (TPMA), and the Freethought Society.

Freedom From Religion Foundation