January 28 — Madison, WI


Vice President Mike Pence is coming to the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison on Tuesday, Jan. 28, to speak at a noon-1 p.m. event in the rotunda to celebrate “National School Choice Week.” This provides the perfect opportunity for Wisconsin FFRF’ers to call attention to the problems with governmental promotion and subsidy of religion. FFRF is encouraging those who oppose religious vouchers and support secular public education to protest. We encourage you to bring signs supporting state/church separation or freethought (to make sure you aren’t mistaken for a voucher supporter)! The voucher proponents have nabbed every quadrant outside of the Capitol, so they will be out in full force.

We invite you to meet at the State Street entrance of the Capitol no later than 11:45 a.m. and look for FFRF signs and banners. FFRF will pass out some FFRF decals to wear and plan to provide some extra signage. (Depending on where the action is, we may later move venue.)

Freedom From Religion Foundation