2018 Convetion Wordmark


No walk-in registrations accepted.

This is a tentative schedule and subject to changes.


All Friday afternoon events in Pacific Concourse H–O Level unless otherwise noted.

11 AM
Registration opens, Pacific Foyer
Continues through convention

11:15 AM – 1 PM
Movie “Losing Our Religion”
Limited space. 86-minute film. Exclusive preview! Includes interviews with former clergy. Meet the filmmakers.


1 PM
Emperor Has No Clothes Award
     U.S. Representative Huffman

1:30 PM
Richard Hermsen Student Activist Award
     Bailey Harris, 12, author of Stardust: The Book of Truth

2 PM
The Hon. Culbert Olson, Governor – Atheist
     Debra Deanne Olson
     Craig Wilkinson, M.D., co-authors

2:30 PM
Free Will: Make Up Your Mind
     Dan Barker & Freethought Concert

3 PM
Book Signings for Olson, Harris & Barker

Coffee, tea, light refreshments, Pacific Foyer
Open until 5 PM

3:30 PM
Emperor Has No Clothes Award
     Salman Rushdie. Book signing follows.

5 – 7 PM
Dinner on your own


Events move to Grand Ballroom (street level)

6 PM
Registration re-opens, Grand Ballroom Foyer
Sales tables re-open. Ballroom opens just before 7 PM.

7 PM
Evening Welcome
     Dan Barker & Annie Laurie Gaylor
Year in Review Presentation, Music

7:30 PM
Premiere “Clarence Darrow Award”
     Actor John de Lancie

8 PM
“Julia Sweeney: Older & Wider”
Stand up comedy, DVD signing to follow.

9:30 PM
Dessert Reception, Market Street Foyer

10 PM
Late night film replay “Losing Our Religion”
Night owl showing. 86-minute film. Exclusive preview! Introduced by the filmmakers Leif Kaldor & Leslea Mair.



All events in Grand Ballroom (street level) except meals

8 AM
Non-prayer Breakfast
For ticket holders, Pacific A–G, Pacific Concourse Level

9 AM
Registration re-opens
Continues through Saturday, Grand Ballroom Foyer

9:15 AM
Concert: Voices of Reason, Grand Ballroom

9:30 AM
     Lisa Strand, Director of Operations
“Nothing Fails Like Prayer” Song & Winner
     Dan Barker, Jocelyn Williamson
Poetry for Secularists
     Victor Harris

10 AM
Report from Secular Coalition for America
     Larry Decker, executive director

10:20 AM
“The Christian Taliban in Public Schools,”
FFRF v. Chino Valley School Dist., Calif.
     David Kalyonides, primary litigator

10:40 AM
2018 Freethinker of the Year
FFRF & Steketee v. Morris County, N.J.
     David Steketee 

11 AM
FFRF Legal Report “On a Roll”
     FFRF Attorneys Patrick Elliott, Rebecca Markert, Andrew Seidel

12 – 2 PM
Lunch & sightseeing on your own

2 PM
Freethought Heroine
     Sarah Haider

2:30 PM
“What We Think, How We Think”
     Mohammed Al Khadra, founder, Ex-Muslims of Jordan

2:45 PM
Avijit Roy Courage Award
     Introduced by Rafida Bonya Ahmed
     Recipient: Roopbaan Magazine, accepted by co-founder

3:15 PM
Henry Zumach Freedom From Religious Fundamentalism Award
     Ensaf Haidar, introduced by Maryam Namazie

3:45 PM
Break, coffee tea

4 PM
Forward Award
     A Conversation with Cecile Richards. Book signing follows.


6:30 PM
Banquet Dinner with cash bar
Pacific A–G, Pacific Concourse Level

8 PM
Clean Money Drawing, Return to Grand Ballroom
     Emcee Buzz Kemper

8:30 PM - 9:15 PM
“A Comedy Quickie”
     Leighann Lord, Stand up comedy


Waterfront CDE, Concourse (atrium level)

8:30 AM
Pastries, coffee, tea available for members (while they last)

9 AM
Annual Membership Meeting
Open to all current FFRF members

11:15 AM
Annual State Representatives
Meeting Adjourn by Noon

Limited space. 

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