Forward Freethought Tuition Scholarship Awardee: Natasha Herrera

The Forward Freethought Tuition Relief Scholarships is funded by generous FFRF benefactor Lance Bredvold. This year, the students were selected by Black Skeptics Los Angeles, an African-American humanist-atheist community-based organization.

FFRF has previously partnered with BSLA in its annual “first in the family” humanist scholarships for outstanding secular students of color.

In an article in Freethought Today, scholarship recipient Natasha Herrera said, “In my experience, people have tried to use religion as an excuse for the world and their actions. Instead of trying to hold people accountable, often God is used as an excuse. I struggled to see how, if an almighty god existed, it would allow so much bad and evil to exist and why it would punish those who didn’t believe in or agree with it.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation