First in the Family Forward Freethought Scholarship Awardee: Nathan Concepcion

FFRF has awarded $25,000 in First in the Family Humanist Forward Freethought scholarships to seven students, thanks to the generosity of FFRF benefactor Lance Bredvold. The students were selected by Black Skeptics Los Angeles (BSLA), an African American humanist-atheist-based organization.


Nathan Concepcion headshotNathan Concepcion, Texas A&M, $5,000

“I identify as nonreligious/secular because I believe in the principles of humanism, which prioritize the equitable treatment of every human being regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, class or disability status. Humanism, to me, represents a moral framework that is based on reason, empathy and the inherent worth and dignity of all individuals. By embracing secular humanism, I reject the notion that social change should be driven by divine authority or supernatural beliefs. Instead, I recognize that it is human beings themselves who hold the power and responsibility to create a more just and inclusive society.”

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