FFRF’s Strong Backbone Student Activist Award: Sage

FFRF, with the financial backing of the individual donors, has collaborated with the Secular Student Alliance to select, announce and distribute these student awards. (As per SSA policy to help protect the students’ identities, only the students’ first names are used.)

SageSage looks forward to studying forensic psychology at George Washington University for a career as a criminal psychiatrist or a forensic social worker. At 15, Sage studied The Satanic Temple and Humanism, both with similar tenets. Sage identifies as a secular satanist and humanist. Sage is also “a loud and proud member of the LGBT+ community.”

Last year, Sage started an SSA chapter at their school because there were so many students questioning their identities and needing a safe place to learn and be surrounded by respectful peers. SSA members made homemade bracelets to sell during lunch, raising over $250 for Ukraine. Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Sage protested at numerous events. As someone who was assigned female at birth, Sage found it difficult to hear that the right to an abortion, menstrual products, equal wage or bodily autonomy were “women’s rights.” Reminding people of their existence, Sage says these are HUMAN rights.

FFRF thanks an octogenarian member, who wishes to remain anonymous, for funding FFRF’s Strong Backbone Student Activist Award.

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