Dylan Galos

Dylan Galos will be receiving a $1,000 student activist award. Dylan, who just earned his Master's in public health from Ohio State, has an undergraduate degree from New Mexico State University in biology. This fall he will be entering a Ph.D. program at the University of Minnesota in public health. Dylan, who as a student in Columbus was active with the Student Secular Alliance, was part of FFRF's Columbus "Out of the Closet" billboard campaign. Dylan's billboard was the only billboard to be moved twice, once at the behest of a church whose land the billboard was on. FFRF discovered the church had not been paying property taxes on that parcel, and its complaint to the city has remedied that situation. Then a businessman complained about the billboard on his property, and it was moved to a third home! Dylan did a lot of positive media and the censorship of his message engendered lots of publicity. Dylan is accepting his award in person at the annual 2011 national convention of the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Hartford, Conn.

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