Cliff Richards Student Activist Scholarship Awardee: Kourtney

Kourtney Cliff RichardsThe Freedom From Religion Foundation is proud to announce that it has awarded three $1,000 scholarships to nonreligious students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The scholarships are part of FFRF’s Cliff Richards Memorial Student Scholarships and are in partnership with Secular Student Alliance.

FFRF is providing the scholarship funds and chose the students from a pool of applicants; the Secular Student Alliance has done the legwork and vetting.

Kourtney is a health sciences major at Spelman College. Her desire to learn more about herself through education led her to pursue a career as a medical examiner. During her sophomore year, Kourtney chose to further her education in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, which lacks representation of Black students. She also joined the Student Organization for Anti-Racism to advocate increased representation of African-American students in international classes. This year, she has been focused on increasing turnout of young voters. Kourtney feels that Secular Student Alliance provides a safe space for nonreligious and religious students to connect with each other and discuss differing viewpoints with civility and respect.

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