Cliff Richards Memorial Scholarship Awardee: Mirona

MironaMirona is a music education major at Winston-Salem State University. Music is her passion and she plans to tutor kids in music after college and become a music teacher and college band director.

Mirona was forced to go to church when she was young and she realized religion was being used as a mechanism to control her and other African-American people. But Mirona was rebellious. Because of the negative religious views of her bisexuality and being called a “devil,” Mirona quickly realized “religion wasn’t for me.” Even though she has openly identified as an atheist for four years, her family still says she is going through a “phase.”

Mirona is the recipient of the FFRF Cliff Richards Memorial Scholarship dedicated to a student attending a historically Black college or university (HBCU).

Each student winner received $1,000.

Freedom From Religion Foundation