Chris McDougal

Ruth (Dixie) Jokinen Memorial

Graduate student Chris McDougal became the first recipient of the annual Student Activist Award/Ruth (Dixie) Jokinen Memorial, at the 20th annual Freedom From Religion Foundation in Tampa, Fla. on Dec. 5-7, 2000.

Chris received his scholarship award in person from endower Richard Mole, a Foundation Board member. Chris was also a panelist discussing the "Infamous Judge Roy Moore case" at the conference.

"Some of the bravest and most committed freethinkers in the nation, fortunately, live in Alabama," Foundation prsident Anne Gaylor pointed out at that conference.

Chris was chosen by Mr. Mole to receive the inaugural award, for bravely staging a one-man picket at night at a large Christian rally for Judge Roy Moore in the small Alabama town of Gadsden. Chris drove to Gadsden to make sure someone protested Moore's improper use of his courtroom to proselytize by posting the Ten Commandments, and by making jurors pray.

Photo by Brent Nicastro

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