$2,000 FFRF Phoenix Fund Awardee: Jordan

JordanJordan is a senior at Fordham University in Bronx, N.Y., aspiring to go to law school with the goal of becoming a criminal prosecutor of sex crimes. Raised in a secular family, Jordan was informed by a Christian friend that she “would be going to hell,” since she was never baptized. By high school, Jordan’s secular identity was not just shaped by a secular upbringing and lack of belief in God, but by a passion for human rights and separation of church and state. As a queer woman, Jordan has seen firsthand how religion encourages sexism and homophobia.

She is on the Fordham Secular Student Alliance Executive Board and member of the Student Government’s Committee on Sexual Misconduct. Even though Fordham is a Catholic institution, Jordan says the secular population is bigger than it might seem — but it is hiding. The SSA at Fordham challenged the school’s health center policies, which do not offer any contraception. They created a petition to change the policies, allowing the school could keep its Catholic identity and plenty of loopholes to allow more access to sex-related health care for students.

Jordan’s scholarship is sponsored by the FFRF Phoenix Fund. Jordan received $2,000.

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