An X-Rated Book: Sex & Obscenity In the Bible

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An X-Rated BookLet us introduce you to parts of the Holy Bible which you have not heard about in sermons from the pulpit, that may shock and dismay you and should certainly convince you that the bible ought to be X-rated.

Below you will find a pornographic view of sex and women, lewdness, depravity and sexual violence often ordered or countenanced by the biblical deity. Don’t take our word for it-look it up for yourself.


4:17 Cain marries his sister?
4:19 Man “took unto him 2 wives”
12:13-19 Man prostitutes wife
16:2-4 Wife to hubby: “go in unto my maid”
17:9-14 “Ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin”
19:1-8 Rape virgins instead of male angels
19:30-38 “Righteous man” impregnates his 2 daughters while drunk
20:2-12 Man prostitutes wife again
20:12 Woman married to half-brother
22:24 Bible’s first “concubine”
24:2-3,9 Place your hand “under the thigh” (sexual organs) of someone swearing sacred oaths
25:1-6 Keeping mistresses is not adultery
Ch. 29·30 Sordid tales of surrogate motherhood
30:3 Woman gives handmaid for hubby’s sexual use
30:9 More sordid marital triangles
32:25 God grabs Jacob’s testicles
34:1-31 Brothers are riled when sister is defiled
34:25 Circumcised men “were sore”
35:22 Man sleeps with father’s concubine
38:8-10 Onan’s method of birth control (withdrawal ejaculation) not approved
38:12-30 Woman “plays the harlot” to seduce father-in-law
39:7-20 Woman tries to rape man
47:29 Man ordered to place hand under father’s thigh

4:25 Mom cuts off son’s foreskin with (ouch!) stone
20:26 God specifies building of altar to prevent exposure to nakedness
21:7-11 Female servants can be used for sex
21:10 Rule permits polygamy
22:19 Death decreed for bestiality

12:1-8 Bible calls childbirth a sin
15:16-18 Sperm and intercourse are unclean
15:19-33 Menstruation unclean; elaborate rules
15:29-30 Women require sin offering for menstrual periods
18:22 Homosexuality declared an abomination
18:23 More bestiality
19:20-22 Man gets forgiven, slave girl gets flogging
20:10 Adulterers shall be put to death
20:13 Death decreed for homosexuals
20:15-16 Death decreed for bestiality (human & beast)
21:9 Burn whore-daughters of priests
26:29 Curse: Eat your sons and daughters

5:11-31 Fidelity test (belly rot) for women only
25:1 “People began to commit whoredom”
25:4 “Take all the heads of the people, and hang them up before the Lord”
25:6-8 Holy man impales woman through her belly
31:17-18 Virgins raped as war booty

21:10-14 God okays captured maidens as trial wives
22:5 Men’s clothing not to be worn by women & vice versa
22:13-21 A bride not a virgin must die
22:23-26 Virgin raped in city given no pity
22:28-29 Paying father to have sex with daughter
23:1 Man “wounded in the stones” (testicles) can’t enter congregation
23:2 Children born out of wedlock condemned as bastards to 1Oth generation
23:10-11 Nocturnal emissions discussed
23:12-14 Defecation: Carry paddle, dig hole, & cover up
25:5-10 Woman has sexual cause to spit in man’s face
25:11-12 A woman shall have her hand cut off for touching a man’s penis
28:27 Hemorrhoids (“emerods”) a punishment for sin
28:30 Lord’s curse: Another man shall lie with groom’s bride first
28:53-57 Curse: Eat your own body & children

3:20-22 Dagger in fat king’s gut gets “dirt” out
4:21-22 Hammer & nail murder by woman
8:30 Gideon had many wives, concubines
Ch. 11 Virgin daughter sacrificed to God
14:20 Samson gives away wife to another man
16:1 Samson “went in unto” harlot
16:4-19 Biblical game of S & M
19:1-30 Woman raped and ruined by homosexuals
21:6-25 Amidst carnage virgins captured for wives

3:6-9 To “hook” him as a husband, Ruth sleeps with Boaz. (4:9-10 Boaz buys Ruth)

1:5-11 Lord “shuts” & “opens” womb
2:8 ”The Lord … lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill”
2:22-23 Priests’ sons copulate at door of tabernacle
5:9-12 Philistines “smitten with emerods” (hemorrhoids) as punishment for stealing ark
6:1-5 To placate God, make golden hemorrhoids
18:25-27 200 foreskins gain David a king’s daughter
25:22,34 A subject never mentioned in sermons

3:7 Concubine hanky-panky
11:1-27 Uriah murdered so David can get his wife
12:11-12 Obscene performance to be viewed by all Israel
5:13 David had many wives, concubines
Ch. 13 Amnon rapes his sister
16:20-22 Absalom rapes father’s concubines on rooftop
20:3 David imprisons concubines for above

1:1-4 Virgin as therapy for sick old man
3:16-28 2 “harlots” feud-sexist tale
11:1-10 Wise Solomon has wives and concubines galore, promiscuous with “many strange women”
14:10, 16:11, 21:21 A subject never mentioned in sermons

6:28-29 “So we boiled my son, and did eat him”
9:8 A subject never mentioned in sermons
9:30-37 Unspeakable assassination of Jezebel
23:7 Male houses of prostitution destroyed

1:32-33 More concubines galore

11:21 King had 18 wives & 60 concubines

Ch.1-2 Sexual contest for new queen
1:11 Queen asked to “display” body for men

45:10-17 Wily seduction by promiscuous Solomon

5:3 “Lips of strange woman” warning
7:5-27 Intemperate warnings of “strange” women
30:20 Adulteress “eateth, and wipeth her mouth”

5:4 Man touches woman’s “hole of the door” and “my bowels were moved for him”
8:8 Little sister has no breasts

3:16 “the Lord will discover their secret parts”
9:20 Every man shall eat the flesh of his own arm
14:21-22 Slaughter children for fathers’ iniquity
16:11 Bible boast: “My bowels shall sound like an harp”
36:12 Eating dung and drinking piss

16:4 Grievous, obscene deaths

2:19-20 Something to lament
4:10 Women boil children for food


4:12-15 God says: Eat bread defiled with dung
5:8-10 What’s for dinner?
8:2 Lord’s loins make guest appearance
16:15 Fornications pour out
16:36-37 Their “filthiness poured out … ”
23:1-40 Grisly tale related of two sisters who are whores
23:20 Sex organs and ejaculate of harlot’s lovers compared to asses & horses
Ch. 24 Lord orders lewd “woman” boiled into “scum”
29:7-8 God performs bloody castration via a sword

1:2-11 God tells Hosea to take whore to wife
2:1-15 Complications ensue (lewdly described)

3:4-6 Lord: “I will discover thy skirts upon thy face”

2:1-4 Angry god will spread feces on your faces

5:27-30 A man may lust, but it’s not just
5:31-32 Man can divorce wife for fornication
19:3-9 Man who divorces and remarries is adulterer
19:12 Castrate yourself for Jesus
22:24 Woman must marry dead husband’s brother

2:21 Eight day old Jesus is circumcised

8:38 Eunuch baptized
15:24 Circumcision is not commandment
16:3 Paul circumcises adult

1:26-32 Gay man and lesbians “worthy of death”

6:18-20 Abstain from extramarital sex
7:1-40 To be more holy, refrain from sex wholly
7:18-19 If you’re not circumcised, stay that way

5:1-4 Paul speaks against circumcision

3:2,12 More than one wife OK, except for bishop

17:1-16 A drunken whore is stripped, eaten and burned

As Thomas Paine wrote in his classic book The Age of Reason: “Any system of religion that has anything in it that shocks the mind of a child, cannot be a true system.” Paine also observed: “Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the Bible is filled it would be more consistent that we call it the word of a demon than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize [hu]mankind.”

Most of the passages encapsulated above are conveniently quoted in full and in context in J. Ashleigh Burke’s book, The X-Rated Book.

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