Terry Sunday

Terry Sunday
El Paso, Texas, City Council
Oct. 6, 2015

FFRF member Terry Sunday, a “retired aerospace engineer, inveterate world traveler, ethnic cook, prolific Amazon reviewer and lifelong atheist,” gave the following secular invocation to the El Paso City Council:

Good morning, Mayor, City Council representatives and fellow El Pasoans, As we meet to conduct the business of the city of El Paso, we must always bear in mind that we all have different needs, wants, views and beliefs. We like and dislike different things, we harbor different notions of right and wrong, we have different levels of tolerance for others’ lifestyles, and we envision our roles in society differently.

But surely we can agree that our actions will succeed only to the extent that they best serve the interests of all El Pasoans.

While differences in ethnicity, gender identity, age, religious viewpoint, sexual orientation, skin color, political affiliation and other things distinguish each of us from another, in America we are all equal under the law. Our common ancestors applied their intellects and skills to benefit humankind and bring us to where we are here today. We can do no better than to continue that timeless practice.

As we consider issues in today’s meeting:

  • Let us show each other respect, tolerance and kindness.
  • Let us listen intently and thoughtfully to each other.
  • Let us graciously acknowledge and sincerely consider opposing viewpoints.
  • Let us demonstrate reason, common sense, cooperativeness and a willingness to compromise.
  • Let us commit to do what is right and just, not only in letter but in spirit as well.
  • Let us conduct today’s meeting with honesty, civility, integrity and open-mindedness.
  • And finally, let us always act inclusively, morally, openly, professionally and in the best interests of all the citizens of El Paso.

Now make it so.

Thank you.

Freedom From Religion Foundation