More Information About HR 5199


HR 5199 will hurt the very students it claims to help. The program will drain Impact Aid funding, which is designed to support the public schools that serve military-connected students, in order to pay for vouchers at private and religious schools. This will undermine the public schools that will continue to serve the majority of military-connected students. And that is why groups like the National Military Family Association and the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) oppose this proposal.

There are many other reasons to oppose vouchers: They threaten religious freedom, lack accountability, deprive students of rights and protections and don’t adequately serve students with disabilities. Our service members’ children deserve better.

Please take a moment to contact representatives in the House Committee on Rules today and tell them you want them to oppose any proposal that would create a private school voucher plan for military students. The men and women who serve our country deserve excellent public schools for their children – not private school vouchers.

Freedom From Religion Foundation