More information about H.R. 4460

Section 211 of H.R. 4460 slips language from a failed bill earlier this year, which FFRF helped to fight, into a new, larger FEMA bill. Section 211 would violate the rights of conscience and religious freedom rights of all citizens, which, to quote Thomas Jefferson, is “sinful and tyrannical.”

The coercive taxing power of the government can’t oblige Muslims to bankroll temples and yeshivas, compel Jews to subsidize churches and Catholic schools or force Christians to fund mosques and madrassas. The idea is simple: Let the faithful voluntarily support their faith.

The founders wisely chose to cut off all public funding for the construction and repair of churches. This history seems distant today, but the rule was bred of millennia of oppression by religion blended with government. Thanks to the separation of state and church, we are free of that oppression. As a result, Americans have a certain amount of complacency and fail to understand that these provisions actually protect and foster religious freedom.

H.R. 4460 is long — your representative may be focused on other parts of it. Please take action today to protect our religious freedom by directing your representatives’ attention to Section 211 of H.R. 4460. Urge him or her to oppose Section 211 so that taxpayers will not be forced to pay for the benefit of a few churches.

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