More Information About California’s AB 2943

In 2012, California banned conversion therapy of minors. However, the practice is surprisingly common among LGBTQ adults, and current California law also allows churches or businesses to promote or advertise conversion therapy.

California’s AB 2943 would change that by extending the prohibition to all ages and adding conversion therapy to a list of “false and deceptive practices” that cannot be publicly advertised. While FFRF supports the freedom of speech, we do not support the right of religion to lie to LGBTQ Americans and cause them psychological damage in the name of God.

California would be right to treat advertisements of conversion therapy as akin to selling fake medicine. It is demonstrably ineffective and harmful, and the state is obliged to protect its consumers from anyone saying otherwise.

While the bible — a problematic book in general — does condemn homosexuality, it does not mention conversion therapy. Reports that this bill would ban bible sales across the state are lies.

As AB 2943 also points out, many national health organizations have condemned conversion therapy. Nevertheless, the practice continues to be promoted by anti-gay churches across the country.

Freedom From Religion Foundation