Ingersoll Statue Restoration

Ingersoll1Restoring historic statue of Robert G. Ingersoll in Peoria, Ill. For the first time in our history, FFRF is partnering with a city government to keep alive freethought history. Robert Ingersoll, the 19th century’s best-known and most illustrious freethought advocate, was based for 20 years of his career as an attorney and famous orator in Peoria, Ill. If you’ve had the pleasure of making a “pilgrimage” to the bronze statue in Glen Oak Park in downtown Peoria, you’ll understand why we want to preserve it.

These photographs of the magnificent statue to “Ingersoll, the Magnificent,” and documentation of the disrepair. Created in 1909 by Fritz Triebel in Genoa, Italy, it’s now in dire condition. Disrepair includes: a hole in the base and in the shoe, a seam in the right leg, poor patching, severely corroded iron armature, surface and interior corrosion of the bronze, and cracks in the granite base. The sculpture needs to be removed from the base to be repaired. The city has received estimates that restoration will cost up to $60,000. If we can privately raise $30,000-$40,000, the city will be responsible for the difference. Repair will take about a year and a half. View more photos of the statue here.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation will pass on donations in lump sum for the Ingersoll statue to the Peoria Park District Foundation, also a 501(c)(3), and will receive major signage recognition. If you donate $1,000 or more via FFRF, your name will also be listed permanently on a plaque. This is a chance to become part of the history and future of freethought — and ensure freethought does indeed “play in Peoria.”

To help, designate the “Ingersoll Peoria statue repair” link in the Donate dropdown.

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