Cary S. Shaw

CaryShawCary S. Shaw
Aug. 16, 2015
Interfaith service Norwalk, Conn.

Thank you for the humanist invocation by Theodore Utchen [March15] to which I added my own words and used at an interfaith service. As its president, I represented Humanists and Freethinkers of Fairfield County, Conn., and was pleased to be on stage and part of the program with representatives of an array of religious groups and humanists/freethinkers.
The event was a nongovernmental activity held on the grounds of a Catholic parish and was attended by political representatives, including the mayor. The service was preceded by a festival at which we had a booth. If the medium is the message, the message was that all groups could work together with respect in peace and harmony.

As Mr. Utchen suggested, surprise them by letting them know that they can identify with our values. Here’s my inspirational.

“May we have good health;
May we have work to do;
May we find joy in simple things.
“May we have a mind that reasons, A tongue for truth,
An eye for beauty,
A heart that loves,
And sympathy that understands.”
May we seek peace.
May we teach love.
May we care for the earth. May we use power wisely.
May we encourage learning. May we safeguard freedom. May we care for people.
May we use our mind to compre- hend the world around us.
And use our body to put that knowledge to work in helping others.
“May we have neither malice nor envy
But a true kindness
And a noble common sense.
“And at the close of each day
May we come together with family and friends,
And find contentment and peace.
“So be it.”

(Quoted sections by Theodore Utchen; added sections by Cary Shaw. Both are FFRF members.)

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