Background on Trump-Pence Domestic Gag Rule

More than 4 million people receive health care annually through Title X, the sole federal domestic program that exclusively funds reproductive health care and family planning. Planned Parenthood serves over 40 percent of Title X patients. By imposing restrictions that would make it impossible for these patients to receive birth control and other basic health care from providers like Planned Parenthood, this new gag rule would cut off access to cancer screenings, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment and general health exams from individuals’ preferred health care providers.

Furthermore, the proposed rule would undermine the patient-provider relationship. Individuals would no longer be able to trust that they are receiving the most comprehensive and accurate information about their own health and lives. Rather, the government would determine what kind of information women could receive about their pregnancy options. Americans across all demographics, socioeconomic statuses, sexualities, locations and insurance coverages deserve the right to information about their health care and bodies. This includes information regarding safe, legal abortion.

Freedom From Religion Foundation