White Christian nationalist calls for death penalty for all non-Christians

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Antisemitic white supremacist Nick Fuentes, a previous guest at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago and infamous proponent of Christian fascism, is in the news once again.

This time, he has claimed that all non-Christians “need to be given the death penalty.”

On his recent livestream, “The Great Replacement is about White GENOCIDE,” he added: “They must be absolutely annihilated when we take power.”

Fuentes, who has a cult-like following, is infamous for his white supremacist, antisemitic and Christian nationalist views and skyrocketed into infamy after dining with Trump in 2022. While going on a longwinded rant about occult beliefs and practices last weekend, Fuentes referred to Jewish people, people who believe in the occult and nonreligious individuals as “evil-doers.” Fuentes also urged his listeners that “when we take power, they need to be given the death penalty. Straight up. And I’m far more concerned about that than I am about even nonwhite people or mass migration.”

Fuentes further opined, “These people … that are communing with demons and engaging in this sort of witchcraft and stuff, and these people that suppressing the name Christ and suppressing Christianity, they must be absolutely annihilated when we take power, I’m not calling for political violence, but that cannot have any quarter in our society.”

In the same livestream, Fuentes insisted that “We need to put up a crucifix in every home, in every room, in every school and every government office to signal Christ’s reign over our country. … This is God’s country. This is Jesus’ country. This is not the domain of atheists or devil worshipers or perfidious Jews. … No, you must be a Christian. And you must submit to Christianity.”

Media coverage of Fuentes’ hate speech and political influence have steadily increased since his dinner with Trump. Fuentes rallied the “Stop the Steal” movement and spoke to mobs outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. More recently, Fuentes sparked political fights between Texas legislators when he met with the president of prominent right-wing group Defend Texas Liberty PAC for several hours two months ago. The group often donates to the campaigns of Texas Republicans and has been continually denounced after meeting with Fuentes.

Fuentes is well-known for his adoration for Adolf Hitler and his denial of the Holocaust. He even called for a holy war against Jewish people, saying to his followers at an America First rally, “We’re in a holy war. And I will tell you this: Because we’re willing to die in the holy war, we will make them die in the holy war.”

His influence is very concerning, with the Southern Poverty Law Center describing Fuentes as advocating for “pulling the Republican Party further to the extreme far-right end of the political spectrum.”

As the cliché goes: When people show you who they are, believe them. Fuentes’ venomous hatemongering ought to make him persona non grata, yet he continues to attract political supporters. We ignore the rantings of this rabble-rouser and other over-the-top Christian nationalists at our peril.

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