City of Milwaukee Removes Ten Commandments Monument at Request of Freedom From Religion Foundation

First Eagles Monument Placed on Public Property Removed

What is believed to be the very first monument of the Ten Commandments to be erected on government property as a campaign by the Fraternal Order of Eagles was removed from the lawn of the Milwaukee Municipal Building between 10:30 a.m. -11 a.m. yesterday.

The City of Milwaukee agreed to remove the bible edicts to avoid losing a legal challenge threatened by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a national watchdog group based in Madison, Wis.

ÒItÕs satisfying to see government officials who ÔHonor Thy First Amendment,Õ instead of misusing government resources to promote the intolerant First Commandment,Ò noted Foundation spokesperson Dan Barker, who was present during the removal. Barker congratulated city officials for having the courage to do the right thing, and avoid a costly losing lawsuit.

Several Milwaukee alderpersons were also present and made speeches at the removal, including Jeff Pawlinski, who said: ÒI regrettably sponsored the resolution to return the Ten Commandments to the Eagles . . . because the City of Milwaukee faced a lawsuit by the notorious Freedom From Religion Foundation.Ó Pawlinski, who said the monument honored the Òvalues and tenants [sic] that the Ten Commandments so properly represent,Ó called it ÒunfortunateÓ that the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court agree with the Foundation that it is unconstitutional for the government to endorse and promote one Òholy bookÕsÓ teachings.

A representative of the Eagles club was spotted crying as the 2-ton monument was loaded into a truck to take it to its new resting place, St. JosephÕs Hospital, Milwaukee.

The Eagles gave Milwaukee the tombstone-like monolith in 1955 during an Eagles national conference there. That presentation kicked off a national campaign by the Eagles and ÒTen CommandmentsÓ director Cecil B. DeMille to place the bible monument in as many public locations as possible. ÒTen CommandmentsÓ actor Yul Brenner spoke at the Milwaukee dedication.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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