‘Stem the tide of white Christian nationalism,’ urges FFRF’s Sunday New York Times ad

NYT SLT 23 WThe Freedom From Religion Foundation is placing a dramatic full-page ad in the New York Times this Sunday, June 18, warning: “Christian nationalists are endangering our secular democracy.”

The ad, urging “Stem the tide of white Christian nationalism,” features a drawing by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Steve Benson depicting the Statue of Liberty holding a cross with a tidal wave of “theocracy” flooding over the United States.

It lists a series of assaults on American liberty, including abortion bans, targeting of LGBTQ youth and “book bans, hecklers’ vetoes and laws against teaching facts that don’t square with white Christian nationalism.”

Warns FFRF, a state/church watchdog comprised of 40,000 freethinking members: “The extremely conservative majority on the Supreme Court is privileging discrimination in the name of ‘sincerely held religious beliefs.’” The advertisement references the shocking vote to approve a public-funded Catholic charter school in Oklahoma, which it said is driving “a stake in the heart of religious liberty.”

Aimed at the 29 percent of Americans today who have no religion, FFRF’s ad states: “Democracy needs you and so does FFRF.”

“By joining together to stand up for human rights, we secular Americans can reclaim our Divided States of America for E Pluribus Unum.”

FFRF’s ad concludes, “Help FFRF defeat the Big Lie that the United States is a ‘Christian nation.’ Protect the constitutional principle of separation between religion and government that shields our democracy and safeguards nearly every cherished liberty.

“Because there’s nobody to save us, but ourselves.”

Advertising to educate the public and recruit new members is made possible thanks to generous members who donate to FFRF’s advertising and PR fund.

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