South Dakota’s Abortion Ban Threatens Secular Freedom Nationwide

Action Alert: Contact Gov. Rounds, Boycott South Dakota

The ban on legal abortion passed today by the South Dakota Legislature is an attempt to impose one religion’s dogma on everyone, according to Freedom From Religion Foundation co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor.

It threatens not just the rights of South Dakota women, but all women in America, because its intent is to become a test case to challenge Roe vs. Wade,” Gaylor added.

Gov. Mike Rounds, who is a Roman Catholic in a predominantly Protestant state, indicates he will sign the ban. The intent is to take a test case to the Supreme Court in the hopes it will turn abortion rights over to the mercy of state legislatures, returning women to back-alley days.

The drive by several individual states to pass abortion bans has been buoyed by the Supreme Court’s turn to the religious right, with the appointments of Roberts and Alito making Roman Catholics a majority.

“This attempt to dictate one religion’s view of abortion is also an assault on American secularism. Priests and preachers can make any pronouncements they like from the pulpit, but the government should not be basing law on religious doctrine.”

“In our secular country, we are free to believe what we like, but our government must remain above the religious fray. Our constitution says you cannot legislate religion. Belief that a ‘human being exists at conception’ is a matter of faith, not fact. Our government cannot issue a divine fiat saying when a soul exists, or that a soul exists.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is joining the tourism boycott to “bypass South Dakota,” and do without Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills, the Badlands and the Corn Palace.”

Phone, write, or email Gov. Rounds now urging him to protect his state interests and civil liberties by vetoing the ban.

“Women’s rights and lives hang in the balance.”

South Dakota Department of Tourism
Tollfree 1-888-353-7382
Fax 605/773-3256

Gov. Mike Rounds
Office of the Governor
500 E Capitol Ave
Pierre SD 57501
If you can’t get through, phone the Lt. Governor at 605/773-3661
Fax 605/773-5844

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Madison, Wis., is a national association of freethinkers (atheists, agnostics) that has been working since 1978 to keep church and state separate.

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