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sales11Why haven’t we heard a peep out of you about the War on Solstice, given that the religious folks sort of hijacked our ancient pagan holiday in the fourth century? Is it because we’re more forgiving and willing to share than they seem to be so much of the time?

Some scholars say solstice celebrations tied to the cycle of seasons go as far back as the Neolithic Era (c. 10,000 BCE). Yule was a Germanic pagan festival that Christians eventually expropriated. (After Catholics and Protestants saw how much fun the pagans were having, it was time to say “so long, solstice” and start suppressing it!) The Santa Claus myth has parallels with the Norse god Odin, and other pre-Christian Northern European traditions were incorporated into the Christian Christmas.

So even though we religious skeptics skip the silliness of the star over Bethlehem and the “magic” of the magi, we do enjoy the warmth of home and hearth, family and friends and sharing and caring. One place to choose a little something to show loved ones that you do care is at FFRF’s store, online here(Sorry — our store is currently under construction and may be a little slow!) 

This isn’t shameless self-promotion. It’s a good way to help FFRF fight the battle of church and state, which, coincidentally is the title of a Dan Barker tune on “Friendly Neighborhood Atheist.” The rights you save may be your own.

FFRF offers a variety of holiday ideas, including other musicnew and used freethought booksapparelgreeting cardsDVDs/videotote bagspinsbumper stickers and much more.

New clothing items this year are the “In Chef We Trust” apron“Unabashed Atheist” tee and “Out of the Closet Atheist” and Dawkins-inspired “A” caps.

Also featured are 17 designs of solstice cards, including the new Bill of Rights “nativity” and “Cardinal Reverie” (no cardinal perfidy a la Bernard Law, sorry). No birds were abused in the creation of this colorful card!

It’s appropriate that our Co-President Dan Barker, a fine wordsmith, gets the last word(s) here:

O, ancient drums stop beating,
And superstitions fall!
It’s time for Reason’s Greetings,
For peace, goodwill to all.
(“Friendly Neighborhood Atheist“)

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