Send a message to Mike Pence and his boss: The only wall we need is between church and state

“It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties.”
—James Madison

1penceAlthough the presidential election will have alarming consequences, why not have a little fun while fighting back against Mike Pence’s theocratic agenda? When you give your tax-deductible donation to FFRF’s Legal Fund in Mike Pence’s “honor,” we’ll let him know that your gift in his name will be used to counteract his radical Religious Right agenda.

James Madison, by the way, warned that funneling even “threepence” of government money for religion is “a dangerous abuse of power.” Whatever you can afford to give in Pence’s name will go to fight dangerous abuses and defend the only wall the United States needs: that separating state and church.

We’re alarmed that Donald Trump is poised to turn domestic policy over to his veep, Mike Pence, a man who proudly bills himself as “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican in that order.” This “Christian first” politician signed a bill into law in Indiana last year to let businesses discriminate if based on religion against gays and others, such as atheists. Fueled by his fundamentalist ideology, Pence, as Indiana’s governor this year, signed one of the most draconian restrictions of abortion in the nation. Pence is so far to the right he’s at the flat part of the bell curve.

We’re alarmed that Trump vows to pass a national voucher bill to fund religious schools at the expense of our public schools within his first 100 days. We’re alarmed he’s suggesting an unconstitutional religious test for immigration and, by implication, for citizenship.

We’re alarmed Trump has picked as one of his top advisers Stephen Bannon, the darling of white Christian supremacists, and off-the-wall media mogul of Breitbart News, a frequent critic of FFRF.

We’re alarmed that the Religious Right has been given an opportunity to trump the First Amendment, and seize control of all three branches of government. We’re most alarmed that they will now be able to handpick the next Supreme Court justice, and the one after that, and the one after that . . .

Your gift in Mike Pence’s name will be subversive. We’ll use your kind donation to fight the imposition of religion by our government under the guise of “religious liberty.” We’ll put your donation to work to shore up the fence Pence needs to honor: the wall of separation between state and church.

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