Prayer breakfast serves up an unlawful mixture of state/church

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent a cautionary letter to President Barack Obama asking him to once again disassociate the Oval Office from the so-called annual "National Prayer Breakfast" taking place on Thursday, Feb. 2. Obama is scheduled to once again participate. 

"The National Day of Prayer Breakfast lends the unmistakable appearance that the White House itself is cosponsoring the event, working hand in glove with the ultra-right-wing Christian group, The Fellowship Foundation, also known as 'the Family.' This group, apparently originated the breakfast to mix religion and state in the early 1950s," wrote FFRF Co-Presidents Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor.

FFRF noted the event sends a message that the president prefers and endorses the Christian faith. These actions exclude and offend the significant portion of the population that is non-Christian (24 percent) including nonreligious (15 percent).

"The inclusion of other faiths at the government-promoted or sponsored National Prayer Breakfast still excludes those of us with no religious faith — the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population by religious identification," noted FFRF.

FFRF maintains that the entanglement of the Office of the President with the National Prayer Breakfast is inappropriate and unnecessary.

"We request that you honor the oath you took to uphold our godless Constitution, leaving religion to the private sphere, and cancel your plan to 'bless' this sectarian event," wrote FFRF.

The Foundation has taken issue with the president's appearance at this event for years.

After writing a series of letters last year, FFRF Staff Attorney Stephanie Schmitt can claim success. So far there is no presidential seal on the National Prayer Breakfast website. FFRF will be addressing the unconstitutional congressional seal that currently adorns the page. 

To add your voice in complaint over this unseemly mix of religion and government, contact:

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