Our Godless Constitution prevails over religious bigotry

Today the Supreme Court declared DOMA unconstitutional and upheld a lower court decision striking down California’s Proposition 8.

This is a great day for all Americans and for our godless Constitution. The secular ideal that all people are equal in the eyes of the law has triumphed. Progress is possible, even with this Supreme Court.

Almost 50% of LGBT adults are nonreligious, and 17% are atheist or agnostic. The fight for LGBT equality is our fight. But the fight against religious influence in our government is every American’s fight. Whatever issues you care about, you should be fighting alongside the Freedom From Religion Foundation as part of our movement. Limiting the power of religion in our government, ending the sense of Christian entitlement in this country, is virtually a panacea:

  •  Do you want better education? Do you want full funding for public schools instead of vouchers for private religious schools? Do you want accurate science in our classrooms?
  •  Do you want a greener world and healthier environment? Do you want America to get serious about global climate change and shun its religiously-motivated deniers?
  •  Do you want access to better and universal healthcare, without giving Catholic and fundamentalist employers veto power?
  •  Do you want full civil and political rights for LGBT, women, and minorities? Do you want woman’s choice and marriage equality?

The loudest voices opposing progression on these issues is the Religious Right. End religious entitlement, end religious encroachments into government power, and we will move forward on every one of these issues. The LGBT movement worked tirelessly for today’s victories.

They provide wonderful motivation for our secular movement, for our freethinking community. Savor today’s victory. Tomorrow we’ve got a lot more work to do. Join FFRF and help us fix this country.

By Andrew L. Seidel, FFRF Staff Attorney

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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