Nation’s premier rating entity gives FFRF excellent grades

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has once again received a stellar assessment from the country’s premier nonprofit charity rating organization.

FFRF has for the sixth consecutive year gotten the highest four-star ranking from Charity Navigator in its just-released annual survey. Four stars indicate that the state/church watchdog organization is collecting and spending donation money in an exemplary way.

FFRF scores very well as compared to its peers in a number of categories. In the Human and Civil Rights category, for instance, it has an overall score of 97.17, much higher than the average. Its revenue growth and program growth are three times the average, as is its net revenue for the year.

Similarly, in the Advocacy and Education category, FFRF’s overall score of 97.17 is once more much higher than the average. Its revenue and program growth are again three times the average.

And FFRF does superbly in comparison to other charities based in its home state, since its overall score is way higher than the Wisconsin average. And still again, its revenue growth and program growth are many times that of its peers.

In key areas, its numbers are lower than its fellow nonprofits. Its CEO compensation is tens of thousands of dollars less than that for its counterparts in all three categories. Its fundraising expenses as a portion of its budget are a tiny fraction of the average.

“Charity Navigator issues the gold standard of nonprofit ratings, and so we are delighted that we’ve been rated 24 karat,” says FFRF Co-President Dan Barker. “This sends an important message to all our members and donors that their donations are going to work for intended purposes and not for fundraising bells and whistles.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is the country’s largest freethought organization, with 23,800 nonreligious members nationwide.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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