Mississippi Governor Emulates Moore; Endorses Ten Commandments

Join the Foundation’s Complaint Against Gov. Musgrove’s Ploy

The Freedom From Religion Foundation today blasted as “transparent electioneering” Mississippi Gov. Ronnie Musgrove’s invitation to display notorious Judge Roy Moore’s unconstitutional Ten Commandments monument in the Mississippi Capitol for a week in September.

Musgrove sent Moore a letter two days ago praising the judge, calling the Ten Commandments “the basis for our legal tradition,” and announcing he will call on other governors to display the monument in state capitols as well.

“It would be my honor to host this monument as a symbol of every Mississippian’s dedication to the fundamental principles of the Ten Commandments.”

In a public statement on state letterhead, Musgrove also invoked “our Christian heritage,” condemned “groups like the ACLU,” and said there is no “freedom from religion.” He called the removal of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Supreme Court building on Wednesday a “tragedy.”

In a letter to Musgrove on behalf of its Mississippi members, the Foundation condemned Musgrove’s emulation of the lawless Moore.

“As a public official you have taken an oath of office to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, not your bible and one religious set of edicts. You were not elected state preacher but governor of all the people, not just Christians.”

Musgrove’s statements, revealing a “pitiful grasp of our secular nation’s inception,” effectively disenfranchise any nonChristian Mississippian, noted Annie Laurie Gaylor in her letter on behalf of the Foundation.

“We urge you to abandon your ill-begotten crusade to mix religion and government, and imperil Mississippi taxpayer money with this unconstitutional action.”

Musgrove also announced the formation of “Mississippians for Religious Freedom” to raise funds, “if needed, to pay the expenses of moving Alabama’s [5,300-pound] monument.”

See the full text of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s letter to Musgrove.

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Please contact your own governor to urge him or her to keep your state capitol free of pandering sectarian messages and strife.

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