Moyers interviews Philip Appleman, freethought poet laureate

Watch Bill Moyers’ interview with Philip Appleman. Trouble viewing embedded video? Click here to watch.

If you missed Bill Moyers’ interview of FFRF After-Life Member Philip Appleman, the distinguished poet, scholar and freethinker, on PBS over the weekend, don’t worry! The touching and powerful interview is up. You can also read the transcript

Photographs of Philip Appleman and his wife, playwright Margie Appleman, were featured in the interview, along with photos of Phil’s mother, the subject of his moving poem, “Gertrude” (read on air). And there are website-only bonuses — Phil reading 5 additional poems. Included in the on-air interview was Phil’s rendition of “Eve,” “God’s Grandeur” (at Phil’s request, set to music by FFRF Co-President Dan Barker and featured on the FFRF musical CD, “Friendly Neighborhood Atheist”) and “Parable of the Perfidious Proverbs,” which FFRF was honored to publish first!

Phil is a fixture of Freethought Today, which features “Heads Up,” a column of his poetry every month. Several of the poems which Philip read on PBS were originally first published in Freethought Today. The show starts with a shot of the cover of Phil’s newest book of poetry, “Perfidious Proverbs and Other Poems: A Satirical Look at the Bible,” by Philip Appleman, Foreword by Dan Barker.

You may enjoy all of “Perfidious Proverbs,” “Karma Dharma, Pudding & Pie,” “Darwin’s Ark,” “Selected Poems” or A Darwin Norton Critical Edition, selected and edited by Appleman, by ordering his books from FFRF’s shop.

Our love and congratulations to Philip Appleman for everything he has done for freethought, reason, population control and compassion. The freethought community is honored to have Phil as one of its most eloquent and gentle spokespersons. 

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