Freedom From Religion Foundation Targets Bus Pass

Madison Metro Boosts Catholicism

(MADISON, WI) As a watchdog group for state/church separation, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is protesting Madison Metro’s decision to place a picture of Mother Teresa on its monthly bus pass for April.

Following complaints from members of the public, Anne Nicol Gaylor, president of the Foundation, noted:

“Mother Teresa lived in parts of the world where women were unable to control family size. She saw first-hand the overwhelming poverty and tragedy resulting from this, yet she campaigned throughout her life against contraception, sterilization and abortion for anyone, promoting Roman Catholic dogma.

“Women who ride the publicly owned Madison Metro bus service should not have to spend a month looking at her!

“Religious figures do not belong on monthly passes of publicly owned transportation facilities.”

Gaylor asked Madison Metro director Catherine Debo to investigate the matter, and to ensure that religion does not reappear on bus passes in the future.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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