It’s Only Natural

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From FFRF’s music CD, “Adrift on a Star”
Susan Hofer, a talented jazz vocalist in Madison, Wis., performs Dan’s jazz ballad, a love song, “It’s Only Natural,” inspired by Richard Dawkin’s book, Unweaving the Rainbow, which makes a plea to integrate science and art.


It’s Only Natural Lyrics
Thanks to Gallileo for showing us our humble space in outer space
And thanks to Mr. Darwin for showing us the origin of the human race . . .
Which means that our precious romance
Is mainly a product of chance
and these feelings of love frenetic are just genetic . . . 
It’s only natural that I would want you.
It’s only natural that you want me.
A million years of evolution had its way,
So we can blame it on our parents’ DNA.
I move instinctively in your direction.
Somehow you signal me to turn and see
You will always be my natural selection
As a voluntary choice, naturally.
Lyrics, music (c) 2006 Dan Barker
Performed by Susan Hofer




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