Help block prayer from UTC football field

The Freedom From Religion Foundation scored a touchdown against football prayer at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga this week.

The pre-game prayer, which typically included a reference to ‘Jesus Christ,’ was traditionally delivered by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and had been a home game staple since 2010.

FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor initially wrote to UTC Chancellor Roger Brown on May 15, 2012: “While students, athletes, and athletic event attendees may choose to gather privately in prayer, a public university has no place in encouraging or endorsing religious ritual.”

After several months of indecision, Brown announced on Sept. 10 that the university would make “the right decision for the university” and offer a moment of silence in lieu of prayer.

Brown told the Chattanooga Times Free Press that “we need to make sure there is never anybody that goes away from our campus, our stadium, our arena or classroom or work, that feels like they have been excluded or feel uncomfortable in any way.”


Please phone Brown today and tell him that you support UTC’s wise decision to end pre-game prayer. The religious community is making a loud fuss. To read more about it or watch TV coverage, scroll to the end. In order to sustain this recent victory, Brown’s choice must be reaffirmed. Help FFRF keep religion out off the playing field by sharing some secular ‘praise’ with UTC.

If you are a resident of Chattanooga and/or Tennessee, please identify yourself as such. Include your address and other contact information when appropriate.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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