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November 19-21, 2021

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December 2017

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October 22, 2020

Freethought Radio -- October 22, 2020

Guest: Randall Cragun


October 26, 2020

Seth MacFarlane

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Matter “resolved” after Jasper coach-led prayer investigation
KOAM News (Fox)
By Stacie Strader, Zachary Dodge
High court sparks new battle over state-church separation
Associated Press
By David Crary and Elana Schor
The activist left turns it fire on Amy Coney Barrett

Capital Research Center
By Hayden Ludwig

Lawyer: School policy of prayer cited in Jasper

Joplin Globe (Missouri)

By Kimberly Barker

October 22, 2020

Alabama: Wer wählen will, muss auf Gott schwören

Humanistischer Pressedienst
By Joscha Wölbert

Jesus portrait at SPD targeted by anti-religion advocates


By Gerry May

October 21, 2020

All About Atheism: Supreme Court session preview

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Jesus portrait at SPD targeted by anti-religion advocates

KTBS (Shreveport, Louisiana)
By Gerry May

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