FFRF ‘Spotlight’ airs thousands of times on public TV

If video does not appear, click here to watch the 5:30 “Spotlight On!”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s first-of-its-kind feature production for use as educational filler on public television affiliates aired more than 1,430 times over three months late last year. This is the first such segment featuring discussion of freethought, atheism and focusing on the specific dangers of mixing state and church.

The four-minute “Spotlight on Freethought and the First Amendment” featured interviews with FFRF Co-Presidents Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor. The longer version, over five minutes, included a bonus interview with “secularity” expert, sociologist and author Professor Phil Zuckerman of Pitzer University. Local public TV affiliates were given the option to use either spot, or both, as fillers.

For the first time in the history of Spotlight Productions, more affiliates ran the longer version — “a compliment to Phil Zuckerman,” says Gaylor. The longer version aired 731 times, in 136 station airings. The short version aired 699 times with 142 station airings.

The two shows each reached more than 3.6 million public TV viewers, according to the Nielsen ratings. Markets airing one or both of the spots included high population airings such as New York City and Los Angeles, as well as a diversity of smaller markets nationwide. In the Salt Lake City area, for instance, served by five area public TV affiliates including in Provo, FFRF’s spots ran 62 times last fall.

The broadcasts are audited by Nielson only for the first three months after the show is released. But FFRF’s two “Spotlights” may continue to air for years as filler.

View the videos at FFRF’s YouTube Channel.

Click here for the 4-minute (“abridged”) version

Click here for the longer version (“TV version”), including Zuckerman’s interview.

Additionally a “bonus track version” of nearly seven minutes (FFRF special), which includes additional footage with Dan Barker, is currently prominently featured at FFRF’s website homepage, FFRF.org. Click here to view the bonus track

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