FFRF Solstice ad in NY Times urges: ‘May reason prevail’

FFRF Solstice ad“At this Season of the Winter Solstice, May Reason Prevail” begins the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s full-page ad running Thursday in the New York Times.

Against a starry background, the ad reads:
“The Freedom From Religion Foundation is working for a world in which…
People are more important than dogma.
Religions that teach hate, sexism, racism, trans- or homophobia are not pandered to.
War, violence, terror and discrimination in the name of imaginary gods are no longer countenanced.
Religion stays in its place … as a matter of conscience, but out of our laws and social policy.”

The ad forthrightly notes:
“There is no god.
“There is no sin . . . except ignorance and cruelty.
“There is no higher purpose  . . . except what we make for ourselves.
“There is no hell . . . except what misguided humans make here on Earth.
“There is no heaven . . . except the paradise we could create here on Earth.”

FFRF concludes:
“The only afterlife that should concern any of us is leaving our descendants and Earth — our ‘pale blue dot’ — a secure and pleasant future. Join us.”

FFRF advertising is made possible thanks to kind donors to FFRF’s advertising fund.

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