FFRF’s Bill of Rights display returns to California Capitol

Sacramento Bill of Rights Display

(Barri Babow, vice president of Greater Sacramento FFRF chapter; Erin Louis, board member at large; Judy Roberson, secretary; John Lucas, treasurer; Judy Saint, president, with dog Jo-Jo.)

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Greater Sacramento chapter is pleased to return to the California Capitol with a constitutional winter solstice exhibit.

In perfect timing for Bill of Rights Day (celebrated today, Dec. 15), the chapter has erected a Bill of Rights “nativity” display adjacent to the Golden State’s seat of lawmaking.

A sign attached to the tongue-in-cheek display, featuring three Founders and Lady Liberty gazing at a “baby” Bill of Rights in a manger, reads:
At this season of the Winter Solstice
Join us in honoring the Bill of Rights, adopted on December 15, 1791, which reminds us there can be no religious freedom without the freedom to dissent.
Keep religion and government separate!

The FFRF chapter first put up the exhibit in 2016 as a counter to religious displays on government property.

“Let’s remember that December celebrates the birth of our real source of rights in this country, including our right to be free of religious laws forced on others,” states FFRF Greater Sacramento Chapter President Judy Saint. “This is the foundation of our very real freedom, for believers and nonbelievers.”

FFRF, a national state/church watchdog, thanks its chapter members and volunteers, pictured above, for erecting the display. The display will be available for viewing until Jan. 5.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is a national nonprofit organization with more than 38,000 members and several chapters across the country, including nearly 5,000 members and the Greater Sacramento chapter in California. Its purposes are to protect the constitutional principle of separation between state and church, and to educate the public on matters relating to nontheism.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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