FFRF launches “Not Afraid of Burning in Hell” social media campaign

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Just in time for that pagan festival Halloween, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is launching a devilishly irreverent new interactive social media campaign. You can be the star of a digital billboard announcing you’re an unabashed nonbeliever who is “not afraid of burning in hell.”

In a compelling TV commercial for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, presidential son Ron Reagan quips that he is “an unabashed atheist, not afraid of burning in hell.” That phrase has taken off, inspiring T-shirts, bumper stickers and lapel pins

FFRF is now inviting you to join Reagan in declaring your independence from religion (and its empty threats) using FFRF’s brand-new social media app.

The interactive cyberboard allows the irreverent user to download your photograph (under horns mocking belief in hell), and choose your favorite “unabashed” nontheistic appellation (atheist, agnostic or a number of other freethinking options).

Once your cyberboard is approved by FFRF, you may post and tweet it or use it as your Facebook or Twitter image. We even size it for use as your Facebook or Twitter image or banner. It’s easy and takes less than a minute to complete.

Reagan’s commercial has been so controversial that CBS, NBC, ABC and Discovery Science have refused to air it. The ad has run on Comedy Central and this year was accepted on MSNBC for the first time.

“The fact that networks are afraid to run a commercial simply because it makes a light-hearted reference to not believing in hell shows we need to challenge this harmful doctrine, which claims you can be damned or tortured for eternity simply for not agreeing with somebody else’s theology,” says Annie Laurie Gaylor, FFRF co-founder and co-president.

FFRF has also given a “face lift” to its “Out of the Closet” digital campaign, first launched in 2010 to encourage seculars to take a page from the LGBTQ playbook. The “Out of the Closet” virtual billboard allows the user to coin their own statement or slogan, as well as downloading their name and face. The upgraded version can also be used as a Facebook or Twitter image or banner. ffrf.org/out

It’s an unbelievable chance for you to be in the spotlight as a proud nonbeliever.

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